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8-Bit Block Golem Animation by hfbn2 8-Bit Block Golem Animation :iconhfbn2:hfbn2 63 24 Block Golem Battle - 8-Bit by hfbn2 Block Golem Battle - 8-Bit :iconhfbn2:hfbn2 200 32 Fuse Man 8-bit by hfbn2 Fuse Man 8-bit :iconhfbn2:hfbn2 57 10 Block Man Boss Room - 8-Bit by hfbn2 Block Man Boss Room - 8-Bit :iconhfbn2:hfbn2 26 3 Renga (Brick?) Man 8-Bit Sprite Art by hfbn2 Renga (Brick?) Man 8-Bit Sprite Art :iconhfbn2:hfbn2 80 22 A Rat Betwixt - Troll Turnaround by hfbn2 A Rat Betwixt - Troll Turnaround :iconhfbn2:hfbn2 3 0 Michael Rosen Undertale Icon by hfbn2 Michael Rosen Undertale Icon :iconhfbn2:hfbn2 25 5 New MMM Select Screen by hfbn2
Mature content
New MMM Select Screen :iconhfbn2:hfbn2 19 19
Orisa Icon by hfbn2 Orisa Icon :iconhfbn2:hfbn2 85 3 Original Character - Kuetori Turnaround by hfbn2 Original Character - Kuetori Turnaround :iconhfbn2:hfbn2 16 0 Roll Fusion - Caskett.EXE by hfbn2 Roll Fusion - Caskett.EXE :iconhfbn2:hfbn2 159 13 Roll Fusion - Classic.EXE by hfbn2 Roll Fusion - Classic.EXE :iconhfbn2:hfbn2 143 19 Roll Fusion - Classic Caskett by hfbn2 Roll Fusion - Classic Caskett :iconhfbn2:hfbn2 187 12 Sombra Icon - Dia De Los Muertos by hfbn2 Sombra Icon - Dia De Los Muertos :iconhfbn2:hfbn2 20 0 Sombra Icon by hfbn2 Sombra Icon :iconhfbn2:hfbn2 16 0 Yarr! Swimulator Poster by hfbn2 Yarr! Swimulator Poster :iconhfbn2:hfbn2 12 4
These are my drawings, sprite work and stuff like that.
Take a look at it plz :3

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8-Bit Block Golem Animation
I am not quite done with Block Golem just yet!

Here, have a small idle animation I created!

Enjoy! :D


Mega Man 11 and Block Man belongs to and were created by Capcom
Sprite Art and GIF made by Me.
Tools used to animate: Maya
Block Golem Battle - 8-Bit
Hello everyone!

This is it for anyone who was wondering "Why did he create Block Man's room in 8-bit?"
The answer: To recreate this mind-blowing scene from the latest Mega Man 11 Trailer!

Everyone underestimated Block Man when he was first revealed.
Now he's back for revenge, bigger and better than ever!

I decided to widen the screen to better fit the wider screen of Mega Man 11
Hope you don't mind and I hope you enjoy!

Block Man - Golem Form sprite created by me using MS Paint

Original Mega Man assets created by Capcom

The Mega Man franchise and all its characters belongs to Capcom
Fuse Man 8-bit
Hello everyone, have some more Mega Man 11 8-bit fanart!

This time of the new fastest Robot Master - Fuse Man!

I hope you like it!
Enjoy! :D

Fuse Man created by and belongs to Capcom
8-Bit Sprites created by me using Microsoft Paint
Block Man Boss Room - 8-Bit
Well, how about that Mega Man 11 Pre-Order trailer, eh fellas!

So with this, I have something BIG planned when it comes to the Fan Art this time.
Here is a small preview of what is in store.

Hope you like it! :D

Block Man and Mega Man 11 belongs to Capcom
8-Bit Boss Room created by Me using MS Paint
Possibly incoherent Journal incoming. You have been warned
Oh man.
I got intro the stream with no expectations.
Enjoyed the music quiz.
Mega Ran (Aka Lit Man) was Fantastic
Then they started talking, and my expectations went up and down like a Free Fall attraction at a theme park.

1987-1988-1990-2000-2005-2010-NOTHING-Boss Door-2016-2017-LATE 2018 MEGA MAN 11
I was just about shaking throughout that entire build up.
Thinking this either time that "these next few seconds will alter my emotions for the foreseeable future..."

Then they showed it. What I have been waiting for for so long.
Mega Man 11 in its early states.
I start to cry.
Emotional roller coaster to say the least.
I laugh, I cry, I shake, I shout, man...

Afterwards it was nice to hear them talk.
I won't blame these people for what has been going on.
As they said "if the fans want something it's up to Capcom to deliver" or something like that.
That is so true.
I'm sure there are people at Capcom who wants to work on a new Mega Man but don't know how or perhaps even can't.

I will be getting Mega Man Legacy Collection 1 and 2 downloadable on Switch so I can have my Mega Man with me at all times.
Also, trying to keep expectations low, but of course I am getting Mega Man 11 the second it comes out.

Now we're nearing the end of the stream.
Man we're getting deep in the lore here...
Poor Mega Man, destroying his family for the sake of everlasting peace...

Then the stream ended. The only thing I could think was:
"I'm stocked for Mega Man 11, but why could we not get at least 1 new Robot Master shown to us before the year long wait..."
"Imagine all the fan art this one Robot Master will get just 'cuz it's show early. But alas, I guess not..."

Stream ends... or DOES IT!?

There, in the corner of my eye, I see something.
Could it be?
No... Is it?

Ladies and gentlemen.
A Brand New Mega Man 11 Robot Master!

Give it up for *drum roll* ROCK MAN

Yay! We get something!
Time to get crackin' and start working on that Fan Art y'all!

For serious though, could this guy's name be Rook Man? As in chess a Rook being a tower?
This guy sure looks like it could be the case.
It would be a pun as well. Rock and Rook. Maybe?
This is what I'm going to call him at least.

As for now
We can beat this 1 year wait, you guys!
Keep strong and keep fighting on!
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