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These are my drawings, sprite work and stuff like that.
Take a look at it plz :3

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Mighty No. 9 Retro Sprites by hfbn2
Mighty No. 9 Retro Sprites
First off all, you should back this project, and I mean now -…

Oh my goodness, my sprites have been featured by Comcept in the Communi-Tuesday #3 update! Not only link, but with the picture in the actual udpate as well. I feel honored! (`_´)ゞ…

I was told that maybe you'd be intrested in whenever I've donated or not.
Of course I have! I have personally donated 250 + 30$ to this kickstarter! (It's 280$ all in all if that was hard to figure out =P)

Ok, for this update I've made Mugshots for each of the Mighty Numbers to go along with their sprites!
Hope you like them!


Hello everyone, I'm sure you've all heard about the great news!
I heard about Mighty No 9 not long after it was announced, but due to a lack of a functioning computer until today, I've not been able to create these sprites :o
So here you have sprites based off of the Mighty Number robots of Mighty No 9.

From left to right:
Mighty No. 9 - ベっく - Beck (Bekku)
Mighty No. 0 - レイ - Ray (Rei)
Mighty No. 1 - 火 - か or ひ - Fire (Ka or Hi)
Mighty No. 2 - 水・氷 - みず・こおり - Water・Ice (Mizu・Koori)
Mighty No. 3 - 電気 - でんき - Electricity (Denki)
Mighty No. 4 - 土 = つち - Ground (Tsuchi) ・ パワー - Power (Pawaa)
Mighty No. 5 - ガトリング - Gantling (Gatoringu)
Mighty No. 6 - プロペラ - Propeller (Puropera)
Mighty No. 7 - 剣 - けん - Sword (Ken)
Mighty No. 8 - レーダー - Radar (Reedaa)

Mighty No. robots Created and owned by Comcept
Sprite Art created by me.



As Comcept reveal more designs, you can be sure that I will make sprites of them as well :D
And if there are any updates to these designs, I'll come up with a clever update thingy.
Enjoy :D
Mighty No.0 Sprites by hfbn2
Mighty No.0 Sprites
Hello there Mighty Beckers! Some time ago we heard news regarding Potential DLC for Mighty No. 9, and with those news we also got to see a new Mighty Number design, but not just any Mighty Number.
So what's special about this one?
It's the first Mighty Numbers robot ever created! Ray - Mighty Number Zero!

I am personally all up for some additional content for the game, and Ray sure seems like a character with great potential, kinda going with the classic rival deal, but in a unique way.

Well I hope you it!

Mighty No. 0 (C) Comcept
Sprite Art made by me.
Mighty Apple No 4 Pineapple Grenade by hfbn2
Mighty Apple No 4 Pineapple Grenade
Hello, we just got the normally scheduled 9-date update for Mighty Number 9, and this is what we saw, it's the brother of the Mighty Apple Man! <da:thumb id="433600447">
This idea was made by Mighty No. 36731 KurowaSan and it got approved by Keiji Inafune-san himself, and I sense that we just might see more of these fruitastic fighters in the future!

Pineapple Grenade idea - Mighty No. 36731 Kurowa-San
Redesign of PG - Keiji Inafune
Sprite and mugshot made by - :iconhfbn2:
Shovel Knight OC - Barrel Knight by hfbn2
Shovel Knight OC - Barrel Knight
So I've been playing a Lot of Shovel Knight, and I gotta say - It's on my favorite games of all times list, it is THAT good!
Yeah, so of course I just had to make something myself in honor of this fantastic game.
I wrote down a ton of ideas that I thought could make a decent Knight, but then one silly thought struck me, and I just had to go through with it, and therefor Barrel Knight was born.

It started off with the barrel clothes thingy for people who can't afford clothes, or something like that, you might know what I'm talking about.
Then more ideas started coming to me, like how he would remove part of his Barrel Armor to make a homemade shield out of it. So if you would look at the side of him you would see that part of the suit is missing.
I felt like this could be used in multiple ways, both in defending with it like a shield, and that he could tuck it back in place if needed, possibly for some sort of barrel roll attack or a barrel switcheroo fake-out of sorts.
Then came the part that I didn't think would be too hard but turned out to be the most difficult thing to make something good with, the weapon of choice.
First I thought carpenter, or a barrel maker or something like that, so I was thinking hammers.
Then to complete the silliness of a barrel based character, why not make an over-the-top gigantic Barrel Hammer?!
Yeah, though it may seem like he has picked a poor inspiration for his attire and weaponry, it turns out to be a light battle armor with surprising effectivity against his opponents. But I'm sure that Shovel Knight could easily pry open that suit if he got the chance XD

Well I hope you like it, this was a lot of fun to make, barrels and their perspectives are hard to recreate in pixel form, but I think I did well in the end. Enjoy!

Shovel Knight is created and owned by Yacht Club Games -
Barrel Knight idea and sprites were made as an homage by Me-
Me and my friend :iconliggliluff: decided to not just analyze the possible buttons used for each move seen in the Little Mac character reveal video featured on the latest Nintendo Direct. We decided to make a video on the matter with the directions, buttons used and footage of the attacks we believe gets used for each move.
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